Expert in lasers



 Expert in lasers




Service base


"Lightsystems Ltd. is the only company on the Bulgarian market providing expert laser service.

The service specialists have higher technical education, particularly in the field of lasers and laser technology, rather than just being general medical equipment engineers.

Their expertise is the result of long experience in companies engaged in the manufacture of laser systems, as well as of work in scientific organizations both in Bulgaria and abroad. Our service team has also passed many additional qualification courses for specific laser devices.

The service base of Lightsystems Ltd. has the required measuring equipment for all types of laser radiation necessary to maintain and control all types of medical lasers.





Types of service:

1. Warranty service – carried out in compliance with all requirements for warranty and service in a way set by the manufacturing company.

2. After-sale service subscription – drawn up under a separate agreement before the expiry of the warranty service or previous after-sale service subscription.  

3. After-sale on-call /service-base service – no contractual commitment.

The specific conditions are provided upon conclusion of a contract for laser device purchase. your social media marketing partner

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